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Hi! I used to be familiardays and neonandchrome. ;)

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Note about my gifs/edits:
You're free to repost or use them as you please. No credit is necessary, although it is most definitely appreciated. However, please do NOT, in anyway, edit the gifs. Making them takes time, and I'd appreciate it if you leave them as they are when you use them. :) Edited caps weren't meant to be bases, but if you find yourself using them anyway, drop me a link to your post. :)
Waking Hour

"Aaah! I forgot to hang the (christmas) socks! The big ones!"

[Reiko goes to Kageyama]

"Kageyama! We need to hurry!**"

[shouting] "How about buying a Christmas cake? How about a ca— WHAT NOW?"

"Please excuse me, Milady."

[Kageyama leans forward]

"Milady is… really a wonderful lady, isn’t she?"


Well now, Kageyama. That’s a first. ;)

**Not sure about that part.

(Also, I’m pretty sure that “Kageyama-leaning-over” gif is supposed to move. I checked, and it’s looped forever. I hope it’s moving on your tumblrs. XD)

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